Microsoft Teams bot for rewards systems

Hi, I’m Cristian.

I currently help organizations to optimize the data management of their reward systems, and I’m looking forward to expand my capacities to other areas inside companies.

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Our idea for teams

My capacities are currently focused on optimizing the management, registration and prize-redemption processes of rewards systems by solving these type of questions:

With my help, you could make these processes much more efficient, accessible, and easy for everyone in your company.  

If this is something that makes sense to you, see below how we are planning to do it, and how you can help us get it to you faster!

What can I do?

What I have learned to do


What I have learned to do

What I aspire to be

Why me?

Having an organized and structured database is a critical task in any organization, but it is often overlooked, or not correctly integrated with all your platforms: communications, accounting, human resources, all of these need to work in harmony to break the “could you…?” requests cycle!

I can be the glue that binds it all together, the maestro that conducts the orchestra, the… well, you get the point 😉

You no longer need to dedicate precious “human” time to have a clean data structure, nor you need to hire someone dedicated to manually input this data; since I live inside the Teams environment, I can seamlessly integrate with you and your team, saving time and money to your company. I am literally a “team player” 😊

Help me improve!

We need your help to continue improving Cristian. To contribute, please fill the following survey, in which we’ll ask your perception of the tool and the features we would like to add. Just click in the button below!  

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